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Dr. Kenneth E. Moore, DDS


I graduated from UC San Francisco Dental School and have been providing quality patient centered restorative dental care since 1982. Over the years, I have completed extensive advanced training in orthodontics, endodontics, dental implants, sleep disordered breathing, oral conscious sedation and comprehensive restorative care. However, there was always a group of patients that had orofacial pain (OFP) that were not completely addressed by traditional medical or dental care. These patients had real pain but could never find someone to see them as a whole person but rather a collection of symptoms. This is why I sought training at UCLA, the premier OFP program in the nation. I am currently the Assistant Director of the UCLA Postgraduate Orofacial Pain and Sleep Medicine program and as such, I am involved in research and instruction working with pain psychologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, physical therapists and complementary medicine specialists.
I am also the co-director of the UCLA TMD/Orofacial Pain Mini-Residency program that is involved in actively training general dentists and specialty residents to help patients with orofacial pain.

I grew up in Sacramento and attended American River College before transferring to UC Davis. I attended UC San Francisco School of Dentistry and graduated in 1982 before moving back to Sacramento. My wife, Carmen, and I have been married for over 38 years, have three children and two grandchildren. We have lived in Roseville for over 25 years. Carmen, who has a Masters in Health Education, has taught dental hygiene in a university, college, and private college setting. She currently divides her time working in the office and taking care of our grandkids.

I have been active in various schools, community, and professional organizations and have received the Helen Hamilton Award for service to the community as well as the Distinguished Member Award for service to my profession. I have also been the president of the Sacramento District Dental Foundation that operates and funds programs designed to help the underserved children and families of our community. I’m currently on the board of directors of the Headache Cooperative of the Pacific, which consists of headache neurologists, physicians, pain psychologists, and orofacial pain specialists.

My entire team and I are looking forward to meeting each one of you in the near future.

Certificates and Accreditations:

Sleep Medicine            Smile for Kids

Joyce P Chu, Ph. D

Clinical Psychologist

Email Address:

Phone Number: (650) 814-8376 

Position(s): Professor

Faculty Program(s): Ph.D.

Teaching and/or Research Emphasis and Interest Areas: 

Suicide, Ethnic Minority Populations, and Diversity


Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Michigan (2005)

M.A., Psychology, Stanford University

B.A., Psychology, Stanford University


Joyce Chu, Ph.D., is a Professor at Palo Alto University. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in psychology at Stanford University, her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan, and did a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Chu co-leads the Multicultural Suicide and Ethnic Minority Mental Health Research Groups at PAU, and is also Director of the Diversity and Community Mental Health (DCMH) emphasis which trains future psychologists to work with underserved populations in the public mental health sector. Under her leadership, the DCMH emphasis received awards for innovative practices in graduate education in psychology in 2011 by both the American Psychological Association Board of Educational Affairs, and the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology. Dr. Chu also co-directs PAU’s Center for Excellence in Diversity, which was founded in 2010 by Dr. Stanley Sue. At PAU, she is an associated researcher with the Center for LGBTQ Evidence-based Applied Research Group.

Dr. Chu’s work is focused around depression and suicide in ethnic minority adult and geriatric populations, particularly in Asian Americans. Her work is community-collaborative and aims to understand barriers to service use and develop culturally congruent outreach and service options for Asian Americans and other underserved communities. She has an interest in advancing the assessment and prevention of suicide for cultural minority populations, and has published a cultural theory and model of suicide with her collaborators Peter Goldblum and Bruce Bongar. As part of this work, she and her colleagues have developed a tool to assist clinicians in accounting for cultural influences on suicide risk.

In 2012, Dr. Chu received the APA Division 12 Samuel M. Turner Early Career Award for Distinguished Contributions to Diversity in Clinical Psychology. In 2013, she was awarded the AAPA Early Career Award from the Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA).

Websites and Other Relevant Links: 

Center for LGBTQ Evidence-based Applied Research

Dr. Chu awarded AAPA Early Career Award

Dr. Chu receives APA Diversity Award

The Diversity and Community Mental Health emphasis awarded 2011 APA Board of Educational Affaris award. 

The Diversity and Community Mental Health emphasis awarded 2011 NCSPP award

Selected Publications: 

Selected articles:

Chu, J., Poon, G., Kwok, K., Leino, A., Goldblum, P., & Bongar, B. (in press). An assessment of training in and practice of culturally competent suicide assessment. Training and Education in Professional Psychology.


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Akutsu, P.D., & Chu, J. P. (2006). Ethnic differences in problems that initiate professional help-seeking by Asian Americans. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 37(4), 407-415.

Selected Books:

Goldblum, P.B., Espelage, D., Chu, J., & Bongar, B. (2014). The Challenge of Youth Suicide and Bullying. Oxford University Press.

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